Things about me, in no order.

I love cars. LOVE THEM.

I love maps. I decorate with maps. I want to eventually hang the Philly Bicycle map in the study just because I think it's the coolest. OK, not really the coolest, but still. It offers up potential for bike-riding fun.

I'm conducting an informal study of nachos in Philadelphia. OK, so maybe not entirely informal since I have a rubric, a notebook, and standards.

I'm on the verge of busting out with some quilts. I have one that is all stripped up and ready to go (it was my childhood quilt, my mom made it for me but I want to make it large enough to fit the futon... which now that I think about that is kinda stupid since the futon is going into the study.... OH WELL, spare quilt for the craft room!) and another that I'm going to work on with Miss Cake's assistance.

I seriously advise you to not engage both me and my husband in a chat room unless you are prepared to piss your pants. We're like our own comedy show.

I have a thing for little containers with lids. If I see one while browsing a store, I have to open it.

I once unknowingly put my hand into a pile of slugs. That was about 10 years ago. I still get grossed out at the memory of it.

My favorite cereal is Fruity Pebbles. I could eat a whole box in one morning. I haven't, but I could.

I have a hard time returning my library books on time. I also have a hard time remembering to renew my books. Pretty typical stuff, except I'm a librarian.

I am old enough to know better, but young (at heart) enough to try. That's the secret to my success.

I like floorplans. I guess this goes along with likely maps, since floorplans can be considered mini-maps. Sometimes, I pick up apartment guide books just to look at those listings with floorplans.

I've ridden my bike in at least two libraries.

I have a ton of makeup but I only really use mascara and lipstick.

My field hockey coach in high school (Ms. Hummel for you classmates out there) forgot her whistle during one practice and insisted on calling out TWEET when she wanted our attention. Except, she yelled TWAT at us. Everyone, including me, laughed, but I didn't know why we were laughing at the time. Years later (like, 4), I figured it out and had a good long retrospective laugh.

I can drink soda first thing in the morning. For years, that was my morning caffeine. Only in the last 9 months have I switched to drinking coffee in the morning. In fact, only in the last 9 months have I regularly consumed coffee in any form outside of Starbucks Fraps.

I belong to no professional organizations. I'm okay with that.

Even though I'm not religious, I regularly give something up for Lent. I like the idea of personal challenge/sacrifice.

There are days where I spend my time playing board games, coloring princess pictures, going head-to-head in DDR, and reading silly jokes out loud. I call those Really Good Work Days.

Mike and I built our deck in a week. We planned that project inside and out, down to the very minute.

We once lived upstairs from a certifiable insane postal worker. That's not even a joke and I spent lots of nights with my field hockey stick next to the bed.

I've been fortunate to have only had a flat tire once, years ago, when Mike and I were dating. Big Charles came over and helped fix it. I think he may have taken us home that night and then brought us back to the car the next day.

I am reasonably handy both around the house and around cars. The #1 way to lose my respect is to make the assumption that because I'm a woman, I don't know what you're talking about. I have words for people that do that, and those words are not fit for print.

I collected Shakespeare books for a while, antique editions. I now haphazardly collect vintage cameras. Some people might say I collect yarn. I cannot argue that.

I am currently being held captive by the warmest sunbeam ever.

I do not own flip-flops and can't remember ever wearing flip-flops. In fact, I pretty much hate flip-flops.

I have never lived on my own, unless you count college - but that was only for one semester, and I shared a floor with a lot of girls.

I do not understand what is so difficult about shoveling your sidewalk, NEIGHBORS.

I love Fridays.

I once stood on a snow bank in a my swimsuit with a swim cap on and smoked a cigarette.

I've had 5 vehicles in my name.

I keep the heat low in my house, ranging from 55-62 degrees. I keep the AC low, too. I apparently like to be cold.

I'd like to make more jewelry.

I'd like to finish at least one scrapbook.

I'd like to clean, finish, and organize the basement.

I've been grumpy all week and cannot wait until quittin' time today.

Still love my job, even if there's a huge amount of uncertainty surrounding the City right now.

I think I'm shy.

The loudness is to hide the shyness.

I'm having leftover chili for lunch AND dinner.

Head-to-head, I can out-belch most anyone.

I'll say I like The Simpsons (and I do) but I really LOVE Family Guy.

I've had 6 blogs/online journals, two of which are current, three which have been deleted, and one that is so private that it takes me three attempts to log in whenever I remember I have the account.

I nearly dropped out of library school.

I love cutting things, like paper and fabric. I have scissors for every thing and get very upset if my scissors get misused.

I've never been further south than North Carolina.

I've been on the Prime Meridian.

I get carsick if I don't keep my head upright.

I was in the band.

I love my Keen sneakers.

We have a collection of LPs that we'll never listen to and yet, I can't get rid of them.

I wore two pairs of pants today and think that's just what I'm going to have to do to make it through the season.

I hate summer, but some of my favorite memories are of the times spent on my grandparents' back porch after spending the day swimming. We'd play I Spy and eat Chips Ahoy cookies.

I hold a grudge. I hold it like a baby.

My attention span has been damaged by the Internets.

I'm still sometimes surprised and shocked by the things people are willing to share and/or ask their local librarian.

My first job was at Cowtown, working Saturdays at the flea market and some evenings at the rodeo.

When we still lived on Magnolia Street, the neighbor-kid called me Feather and I punched him in the nose.

Also while living on Magnolia Street, I ran away to the kid-down-the-street's house one day. He had a model train set that took up the entire front porch and I loved the smell of it.

I started smoking habitually in 10th grade, though I had my first cigarette in 8th grade. I quit in '94 but not a week goes by when I don't feel like having a cigarette. It's more the ritual of smoking, though, then the pull of nicotine.

I once made the awful mistake of combining Crystal Light Lemonade and tequila.

I read a lot, but that is not why I'm a librarian. One year, I kept track of the books I read for pleasure and it was over 60. I only read at work over my lunch because a book by the bedside is guaranteed to make me fall asleep. Go figure.

I love storytime.

I once had a contact lens fall out while in the middle of the Delaware River. Fortunately (or not), I was able to put it back in and could continue riding the Jet Ski.

I love to hate and hate to love the smell of saltwater on mud in the back bays. It's an awful, putrid smell, but it means something to me.

I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to malls - I have to park in the same area otherwise I get lost. Since Christiana lost Strawbridges, I haven't been there save twice (and that was to pop in to the jewelers to pick up a repaired piece of jewelry).

I am an eater of habit. When I worked for Home Depot, the lunch guy out front knew after a few days that I wanted two hot dogs with cheese and two Dr. Peppers whenever I came out front. The sandwich shop near Washington Square learned my order after a few visits and after a month, I never had to ask for it, it just arrived. The breakfast place near my current location learned even quicker. All of this may have to do with the fact that I tip big. Or well.

God, I miss the option of walking into a sandwich shop and being able to order whatever without worrying about ingredients and allergic reactions.

I once took a bike ride in the name of bacon.

I've biked to the Jersey shore and back. It was, for me, about 188 miles. I'd do it again, maybe.

I used to steal books from my high school library. I think I've returned them all at this point...

I have, I believe, boxes of poetry I wrote in my late teens and early twenties. Some of it isn't bad. Reading it now makes me sad for who I thought I was.

I haven't been in therapy since 1995. I wouldn't say it's because I don't need to be.

I actually like taking public transportation and have a goal to ride each line from end to end at least once.

I swear. A lot.

I have two Amtrak forks and yet I've never been on Amtrak. I got them both from a Mexican restaurant in South Philly.

I've peed, as an adult, using a kiddie's potty in a public restroom. The whole story is much more hilarious than that.

Ounce for ounce, I think I have about as much scrapbooking paper and cardstock as I do sock yarn. And, I have a lot of sock yarn. Apparently I have enough paper and cardstock that when I attempted to store it on the shelf, the shelf crashed out of the wall, souring my mood for the entire first month of 2009.

I didn't start crafty things until I was in my 20s and when I did start, I did it in secret to avoid my mom's gleeful reaction. Then, I fucked up the cross-stitch pattern and asked for her help. She was much more gleeful than I anticipated. Now, I go to sheep and wool festivals, cross-stitch conventions, and the occasional guild meeting.

I used to want 4 kids. Then, when Mike and I got married, I wanted 2. Then, I wanted two, but it had to be twins. For the last 10 years or more, I've wanted exactly 0 kids. I check in on this every once in a while and I'm still pretty happy to be Always an Auntie, Never a Mommy.

My job has nothing to do with how I feel about kids, because HOLY SHIT, if it did? I'd be in such deep trouble.

Mike and I met in high school but did not start dating until 1994. We married in 1996.

Growing up, I wanted to be a nurse, a veterinarian, a teacher, an interior designer, and an architect.

I tried teaching, failed, and then discovered the Joys of Library Science.

I swore I'd never go back to school and yet I weekly daydream about getting another graduate degree.

My parents bought us a heated mattress pad last year, explaining that it's nice to turn it on an hour or so before bed and then turn it down or off when you go to bed. We leave that shit jacked up to high and have coma-like problems getting out of bed in the morning.

We've been relatively car-free since February 2005. I say relatively because there was a brief period when Mike had a job in the suburbs and was going to college, so for about 4 months, he drove a used Subaru. And, in 2006, I got a vintage VW - but that spends most of the time in the garage, waiting for dry, warm, sunny weather!

When Mike and I were first dating, I knew I'd never live in the city or drive a manual.

I've lived in Philadelphia since 1999 and learned to drive a manual in 1996.

Even though I was dating one of his friends in high school, I feel like Mike and I really met in Supe's drafting class. I knew within a week of meeting him that we'd get married someday. He was and remains my best friend.

Fall 2008 I bought a motorcycle.

I was asked to not return to my first college. I have theories as to why, though the most likely one is academics-related. After that one semester, I was convinced I'd never go back to college. Then, I ended up at community college, transferred to St. Joseph's University, and graduated with honors.

People from high school, upon reconnecting, have often made the comment that they'd heard I was dead. That might explain why I never got any of my reunion information.

I'm addicted to email. There was a poster on the bus this morning about being ready for an emergency - it said "No lights. No water. No phones. Three days. Are you ready?" My reaction was OH CRAP, NO EMAIL.

I've yet to knit an intended sweater that I like.

I love chili and could probably make a different version every week for a year.

Spelling counts. Always. Even in text messages. Unless you're being funny, then spelling doesn't matter. See: LOLCats.

I used to bike to work, then I hurt my knee.

I like disc golf. I'm not really good at it, but it's fun!

I love pajamas and have a dresser devoted to my pajamas. Granted, it's a small dresser, but still.