Monday, February 08, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Mom

It's hard picking just one family member for this post, but without mom, there wouldn't really be anyone else to select, you know? And I could list all these mushy attributes, like, I'm grateful for mom because she brought me into this world, or I'm grateful because she hasn't taken me out of this world. Or, I'm grateful for mom because she's always been my biggest fan/cheerleader/support.

That's all true, for sure. But the real reason I'm grateful for mom is because she is just simply the best at what she does. Need a laugh? This ding dong has it. From making up her own language to arguing with her GPS for all 6 hours it takes to drive from Philly to Boston, it's hard to think of a time when we've gotten together and NOT had it end in laughter and tears.

Love you, mean it, Momma!!!


Bridget said...

This is great.

Robin said...

A www! I want to print this old and put it in a frame to read every day. And then I want a copy to carry in my wallet. And then I want to make a wee copy and put it in a locket to be near my heart. You R one of me best creations. Love you more than a million words and a kabilliion laughs. What the ding dong!