Friday, February 19, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Gifts

As expected, I'm playing a little bit of catch up. But, rather than focus on missing "scheduled" posts, I'm just gonna make it happen when I can.

Week 5 is "Something someone gave you". When I printed out the original list (which I keep on a wall at work as a way to keep thinking about gratitude throughout the day), there were more than a few weeks that stuck out as impossible. This was one of them because I initially added the notion of this being about the best material thing someone has given me. But that's not at all what the prompt says.

I've had more than 5 weeks to think about this, and I keep coming up with no one thing, but rather lots of little things. I am rich with stuff.

Here's a list of 10 things someone has given me. It's not in any order; no one is more important than another.

1. Time - whether it was an impromptu lunch date or a sewing lesson over wine.
2. Money - for my birthday last year, several people donated money they might have put towards a gift instead to a fundraising effort that was near and dear.
3. Second chances - the biggest giver of this one is Miki. I cannot imagine where I'd be now if he hadn't given me a second chance way back in January 1994. True love for sure.
4. Trust - I value that so many friends, family members, and coworkers trust me with their worries, concerns, and even secrets.
5. Tiny vessels with lids - don't ask, but I just love a little lidded trinket box. I didn't realize how much, though, until Mike brought home from Tanzania a hand-carved box. Perfect for squirreling away bits and pieces!
6. Support - not going to pretend this last year wasn't among the worst. The support from friends and strangers near and far continues to amaze me.
7. Freedom - I am so thankful to be able to do what I want, when I want, with the support of my darling Miki.
8. Companionship - this goes hand-in-glove with freedom. I really have the best partner. We have not yet grown weary of each other (despite my eye rolls over the weekends when he refuses to shower...).
9. Appreciation - More on this in a few short posts...
10. Ponies - OK, so I don't actually have a pony, BUT I can dream.

Surprisingly, not a lot of material things on that list. Guess I'm even richer than I thought.

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