Monday, June 30, 2014

Vegas - by the numbers!

(Or as autocorrect has insisted since maybe Thursday afternoon, Begas...)

4 blisters

3 of which are on the bottoms of my feet

1 temporary tattoo

1 pair of shoes

Number of times I want to see those shoes after 5:30pm tomorrow: 0. 

8 sessions attended

No, 10 sessions

2 boxes of books mailed back to work - 38 and 29 pounds each

4 cabs taken

2 bottles of wine for the room (for me)

35 floors up to get this view 

0 dollars spent gambling

4 publisher parties attended 

12 free drinks thanks to those publisher parties

30 minutes to get anywhere - even across the street

1 Dude

Countless authors including Judy Blume, Judith Viorst, Avi, Daniel Handler, Mo Willems, and Eric La Salle

Dozens of new contacts

2 healthy meals the entire time (frustrating!!!)

1 pedicure

1 sunburn

13 hours until I board a flight home

1 - number of times someone motorboated me over FaceTime

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