Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Catching up!

Lots of things to share! Here are some of the highlights.

I FINALLY got my new motorbike back in early July. It's a 2013 BMW G650GS, and I couldn't be more happy.

Overall, the process to replace the stolen bike wasn't that bad - I just did not like waiting 2 months to get back on the road, you know? I'm still waiting on some accessories to come in, but am otherwise good to go! I haven't been riding it to work as much for a few reasons - I'm working in a new location, and there's no easy/free parking, I've been riding my bicycle to work, and some other things. After 2 months, I've finally hit 600 miles!

I've been crafting a LOT: spinning, weaving, sewing, knitting. I got a new-to-me loom, a Harrisville Designs 4h, 4t 36" beast. Fortunately, it folds up to a petite 14" or so depth, so I can sorta, kinda tuck it away in the dining room (for now! I'd love to get better shelving for the craft room, and eventually move the loom up there...).

The first project on that was a set of tea towels as part of an exchange. It was a great learning experience, and proof that I need to weave more to continue to improve my skills. The tea towels came out FABULOUS, but there are no photos of those to be shared - yet. The yarn was an unplied four-strand that made for an interesting warping (hundreds of cobwebby ends tangling as I tried to thread the heddles... Not enough wine* in the world!).

In July-ish, I spun and then knit this shawl:

And I spun this yarn and knit most of one shawl before frogging it and then starting and finishing THIS shawl:

Many thanks to my dear friend Anj for taking the two shawl photos!

Finally, I went on a shirt-making binge in August. Last year, I made 2 shirts, and the year before I made 1. I wear those shirts about once a week in the summer, and wanted to add a few more OOAK tops to the wardrobe.

This is McCall's 5640, and I cannot wait to make another one! I have fabric for 2 more shirts, and I think one of them will become a 3/4 sleeve version of this pattern.

And this one is the Schoolhouse Tunic from Sew Liberated. I've made this one before, and love the first one MUCH more (I'm wearing it today as well as in the first shawl photo above...). It's mostly due to the fabric, a super-light, gauzy cotton that just flows and hangs and whatever the right way. The yellow one I just made WILL soften with wear and washing, but there were other issues with it. I made it way too big, so had to do a lot of alterations. I thought the bodice was too long, so ending up shortening that (and now I think it's too high...). I neglected to cut the sleeves on the fold, so I have 2 sleeve seams (though I tried carefully to piece those two halves so that it doesn't look TOO obvious). I also took the skirt in by about 4 inches, and I like that alteration the best.

*That's another post for another time - soon?

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