Friday, December 14, 2012

Of surfs*, peasants, and millers

Way back in the days of dial-up, my dad created an AIM screen name that just blew my mind.

Banana Split PJ Pants

For years, I was convinced he had made it as a reference to a historical occupation. Perhaps he read about this as a kid, or heard about it on Oprah.
Nothing to see here...

I made up entire stories about the life of this medieval worker. I felt a different connection to my dad, like, wow, we both had a thing for the Dark Ages, or something. I thought, oh, this is a reference to some sort of primitive sod farmer! That's so cool! 

Collector of rabbit ears

But then one day, I realized I was wrong. And the AIM screen name wasn't as impressive as I wanted it to be. In fact, it was a much more modern, albeit misspelled, reference. 
Mr. Bucket

So, Happy Birthday, ClodMiller, and may all your Millers be Clod.
Dad and the axe

*I know it's serf - this is a reference to Jersey Surf....

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Robin said...

Well I can't wait to share this with him! He is famous on so many levels and across all kinds of media!