Monday, November 14, 2011

3,000 days later

It feels like it's been a thousand years since we started our inadvertent dining room remodel. It all started with a leaky tub and a pesky water stain on the ceiling in the dining room. It was so long ago, that we've lost the photos, but I can tell you there were LOTS of photos! High-quality images of 3mp using a fantastic Olympus digital camera that would now cause everyone to fall down laughing but was top-notch in 2002.

We fought with that leaky tub for years. First, it was the overflow. Then, it was faulty drain seal. Then, it was water coming from behind the missing tile. It was always something, and just when we'd fix it, something else would start to leak. Water leaks are a bitch like that. So, in order to replace the dining room ceiling, we had to complete a bathroom remodel. That's another post for another day, but let me tell you how Not Fun it is to live without a functioning bathroom in a one-bathroom row house. Thank goodness our neighbors were having a baby the week we were without a toilet because there's a limit to how many times one should use a bucket for things other than mop water.

Once the bathroom was done, we were able to install the dining room ceiling. It only took about 9 years. It was worth the wait.


Dining room

Dining room

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NJStacie said...

That is some nice ceilinging! At least you finished it for you guys, not just because you had to to sell the place or whatever.