Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almost better than all the rest

Me: Hey, Alex, I'm the best!

Alex: Yeah, Heather, I fink you are the best!

Me: Hey, Alex, Miki is second best!

Alex: *giggles* yeah, Miki is SECOND BEST!

Me: Alex, I'm going to get you and Iris some ice cream. Because I'm the best!

Alex: Yeah, Heather, we're best friends, too!

Me: And what's Miki?

Alex: Second best! Because I fink you are the BEST!


(I may or may not have told the kids that Miki might try to steal their ice cream because that's what second best does.)


purlewe said...


Sarah Lampesalot said...

Then Iris would steal Miki's beer! Because that's what the second child does... HA HA HA. Love it!