Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almost better than all the rest

Me: Hey, Alex, I'm the best!

Alex: Yeah, Heather, I fink you are the best!

Me: Hey, Alex, Miki is second best!

Alex: *giggles* yeah, Miki is SECOND BEST!

Me: Alex, I'm going to get you and Iris some ice cream. Because I'm the best!

Alex: Yeah, Heather, we're best friends, too!

Me: And what's Miki?

Alex: Second best! Because I fink you are the BEST!


(I may or may not have told the kids that Miki might try to steal their ice cream because that's what second best does.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rhinebeck and kitties and lucky number 14

Rhinebeck haul

I had a blast at Rhinebeck, just as usual. I did not come home with another spinning wheel this year, though I did manage to procure a Jumbo Ball Winder, and not too soon - my old plastic ball winder is falling apart. I'm trying to convince myself to keep it, but it's really seen better days.

I did finish fixing my Swirl Shawl (Rav link) and I got SOOOO many compliments on it. Thanks everyone - it was nice to be fondled by yarn-y friends and strangers. Here's the only finished picture I have of the shawl (I'm all the way to the right):

Rhinebeck 2010
photo from David of Southern Cross Fibre

Even with the blocking incident(s), I felt pretty happy with the overall project, though I don't think I'll knit it again. However, I've got the shawl/wrap bug and have cast on for Revontuli (Rav link). I'm doing mine in a laceweight yarn (something I picked up from Nangellini's here in Philadelphia) and substituting yarnovers for all of the increases. It took a good three starts to get it right, but I'm moving along nicely now.

Revontuli  laceweight

In other news, our new cat, Lucia, has been spending her nights with us. She's really come such a long way from those early days when I wasn't sure if she was even in the house (I was convinced she'd found a wormhole or something. A portal. To Hoth, maybe.). Penny is still adjusting to Lucia's presence and generally seems to accept her. It's funny to watch the two of them interact - Lucia, easily 12 pounds of awkward one-year-old kitten, flops over and submits instantly to Penny, a 6.9 pound lady of the night cat. Here they are sharing a sunbeam last week:


Speaking of sharing stuff, Mr. Sparks and I celebrated 14 short years of wedded bliss yesterday. We were too busy buying kayak paddles, wine, clothes, and running 378 other errands (including a romantic trip for two to the local dump) to have a proper night on the town, but I think it was even better to do mundane chores with the one I love.

Love you, Miki. And, I'd *probably* say yes again.