Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have a new spindle! Actually, it's now no longer my newest spindle, but it's a newer spindle.


It's a Wildcraft spindle that I bought from the Spinning Loft, along with a poof of possum/cashmere/merino that remains unphotographed. I'm kinda in love with this spindle.


I haven't spun anything from fluff to yarn on it yet, but I did play and ply with this lovely spindle. I'd tried a while back to figure out chain plying on a spindle and my first attempts were mild successes in that, yes, I made some kind of yarn.... But, I didn't do it well. Practicing the technique would be ideal, but instead I set the idea aside and focused my energy on doing spinny things that I already knew how to do reasonable well. For instance, this gorgeous 3-ply:


I used an oatmeal BFL combo - Majestic and Deep Thoughts (Southern Cross Fibre) and a bump of BFL I picked up from Briar Rose Fibers while at Rhinebeck. I actually spun the BRF BFL super-fine and had a bit left over that led to me practicing chain-plying on a spindle - I mean, what else was I gonna do with less than an ounce of super-fine singles?


And a shot for perspective - wee little skein and pretty wild spindle!


I feel like I really got the hang of chain plying on a spindle and even enjoyed it, but it's definitely more of a slow and steady activity for me. I think this little skein measures just around 50 yards and it's a little finer than sock weight. I love the fuzzy halo on it and hope I can use it in a project that will showcase rather than hide it. If not, I'll just keep it on my nightstand and pet it before drifting off to sleep.

I'm hoping to have a blog post soon about the wonderful Spinning Loft Spring 2010 Retreat I just attended. I fell in love with a closet, got bested by a jetted tub, and learned new words (like blumpkin. Really, don't Google it...). I also learned spinning and fiber prep techniques and spent more hours spinning than I thought possible! It was, in a word, wonderful. I can't wait to share it with you!!!


Robin said...

I am not sure if I want to know what you did in the hot tub after the intoxicated couple of phone calls I received. And POSSUM, really? What the fluff!

diana said...

Wow - that is one beautiful spindle! Do you have any preference for top v bottom whorl?

Your yarn was super-pretty too!