Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whirlwind update!

Life has been crazy-making these last few months, so here's a list-like thing of what's new and improved...

  • We're 98% done with the Entertainment Room - all that's left is to tackle the Closet o'Doom.
  • The destashing has begun, if only slowly... Most of my scrapbooking supplies are on their way to new homes - I hated admitting I'd never get into that craft, but it feels so very good to not have that on my list of things at which to be mediocre.
  • QUILTING has become my obsession - I'm now one of those people that gets on waiting lists for upcoming fabric line releases. Wha?
  • Spinning still wins out over knitting ...
  • ... but I've been on a knitting WIP finishing streak -
    felted guitar strap, felted bag, hat for coworker, socks for me, and a shawl that's just about a week or so from being done (if I were to focus only on that for a week)
  • I'm having an argument with my Matchless. She's currently winning, but I'm about to take her back behind the toolshed and give her the what-for, little bitch.
  • I'm collecting inspirational photos for my spring dye day (TBA).
  • We got a new cat. Or, as we're calling her New Cat. She's a 'fraidy cat and has spent most of her time hiding in the basement...
  • Back on the MC with this gorgeous pre-Spring weather and fuck, do I love it or what?
  • Bertha the WunderGhia still has a brake problem. Boo.... Not that I've tried to fix it, so at least it's not an ongoing issue; it's simply the same, unrepaired issue.
  • Even though it is our goal to clean out the basement soon, I trash-picked a gorgeous set of French doors. I swear, they're not for me! I'm just holding them for someone!
  • Changing a flat tire on access road to the Platt Bridge is scary. Slow down, people, you don't have to fly to the airport!
  • ETA: Made arrangements to take my first solo trip by plane (I know, right?) only to have it canceled TWICE due to super-stoopid snow (really, PHL? 3" on grassy surfaces? Really?)
  • AND, to go with that last one, agreed to do AM babysittin' in exchange for a ride to the airport only to be met with a Stewie-sized diaper of doom. Iris, I thought we were FRIENDS!!!!!
I'm not going to make any promises, but I'm hopeful that I can get back into this blogging thing... I miss my online friends and I miss sharing fragments of my life.


Lampesalot said...

hey lady,
how come diaper duty didn't end up on that impressive list!? or are you trying to forget :-) i hear you about being in a blog fog... i'm trying to jump start mine again too...

Robin said...

What about the traversing five states and creating 1 1/2 hours of one and two minute flip videos and getting scolded for wearing tiaras made out of thong underwear.....oh yeah, wearing the tiaras while wearing plastic mardi gras beads....what about that stuff? That's what she said.

amanda m. said...

So, "I trash-picked a gorgeous set of French doors. I swear, they're not for me! I'm just holding them for someone!" are these the kind that stay inside a house or can they replace an old set?