Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home Improvement

Mike and I pushed through over the holidays and finished up our new entertainment room. We treated ourselves to a Jumbotron, surround sound, and a dude that plasters in blizzards. We've got it mostly done - we're in the book- and file-purging homestretch now. It's easily my new favorite room in the house, though that'll change soon enough.

tv room panorama
Fun panorama with my new camera

The other room that we're working on is my craft room. It's a sad room - some of you might remember last year's craftalanche. No sooner had my mom and I placed the last well-organized piece in place, then a shelf collapsed spilling books and stash all over the floor and ripping chunks of plaster out of the wall. It was a HUGE bummer. Out of spite or lack of motivation, that room has remained a worsening mess since that day. Initially, it was just the books and cardstock that were out of order, but as various fiber clubs and purchases came in, the entire space became an unbridled shove fest. Weeks and months passed when I had little to no idea as to what I had in my room outside of a huge mess.

I've come to the realization that I just have too much stuff. But before I can attempt a proper destash, I need to put that room together. A huge help was moving the excess furniture out of that room - we had tried making this room our spare bedroom, but that originated in the days Before Crafting, when the only thing going into the guest room were guests and cats. And another huge help is moving more shelving into that room - a process we've only just started (see above bit about book and file purging...).

I'm feeling good about having a room more completely dedicated to my crafting. I accept (and hopefully Mike does, too) that the crafts can't necessarily be contained to that one room (three spinning wheels, a sewing machine, and just about every color of floss DMC makes? In a 9x11 room?) - in fact, the current spinning wheel arrangement is: Matchless in the living room, Bee in the entertainment room, Fricke in the craft room.

Here's the room in it's current state of disarray - most of the stash is in one corner for now since we have some water damage issues to address in an external corner of the room (basically, the corner behind where I stood to take this series of photos). Corralling the stash into one corner of this room makes it easier to throw a drop cloth over it all. Also, space bagging most of the fiber and yarn is an act of genius - I'm pretty sure without doing this I'd not be able to get away with the amount of fiber I have squirreled away. The books are temporarily housed on the tall shelf and I almost have access to the closet again (I have no idea how much fleece and fiber are hidden in there... it's been months since I've been in there.)...

craftroom panorama
Another fun panorama.

I'm going to spend the next month or so breaking out each craft and organizing it by itself. The problem I've had previously with organizing this room is that I try to tackle everything at once. If I can just go in there and say, "Today is going to be fabric and fabric only," I feel like I'll be able to retain my focus and keep motivated.

How do you keep things under control - paper clutter, home libraries, yarn and stash overflows?


Sara said...

At one point, I thought Ravelry was helping me organize my stash. I'm starting to think it's just encouraging me to stash more.

I'm a fan of the bin-and-label system. Keeps the fiberlanche at bay and it keeps the moths out.

Lampesalot said...

The jumbotron rocks! What a cool room! Good luck with de-cluttering. I don't have any advice but I'm trying to do it too... look forward to more panoramas and to a Saturday of... more crafting!

amanda m. said...

Space bags are the only this that saves me from being called a "hoarder".

suzanne said...

Control? Control???? Snerk. Well, generally I believe in free-range of the major stash items in the house - books, yarn, papers... the books are on shelves, most of the yarn are in rubbermaid tubs, papers.... are sometimes in boxes (those decorative ones). The only real control of these things comes when we move, and then there is culling and purging.

オテモヤン said...