Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm in the middle of the end of this quilt for The Lampesalots' youngest and wouldn't you know it but my sewing machine conks out. The presser foot lifter seems to have lost resistance or tension. I took off the cover on the end and tried to see if there was an easy fix - something unaligned or slightly askew - but my untrained eye could see nothing amiss. So, one pleading phone call later, and the sensei has use of her gakusei's machine for a little while. Phew.

I can't say that I'm surprised with the machine's sudden fit of recalcitrance - I have been crazy sewing lately:

Prepping for a sewing marathon

Quilting while Mike climbed Kilimanjaro

Sewing catchalls all lined up in a row

I even made one for myself!


I've probably used my machines more days in the last two months than I have ever. With the exception of Thanksgiving and one other day, the dang thing's been set up and in use, transforming the dining room into an auxiliary craft room.

And, I've not just been sewing - in the last week, I've found myself designing, too. I've made a couple of prototypes and have ripped more seams than I thought legal. But, I think I'm close to having something that is uniquely mine. Pictures of that later, though - just a few more details to iron out.

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Robin said...

If you need to, bring your stuff to my house and you can use my machine to finish up whatever......