Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I Learned About Sam's Mom

Or, how to camp in the woods when your campground loses electric and locks the bathrooms down....

Despite the constant threat of wet weather and the unexpected electric shut-off, I have to say that Rhinebeck '09 was by far the best yet. We had dry nights and camp fires, meals cooked over open flame, and no need to worry that the food might go bad because nature became our refrigerator.

I met a lot of Spunkies, finally introduced myself to Carol of Black Bunny Fibers, and just really made the most of the situation.

We're thinking about camping again next year, though it will likely NOT be at Mills-Norrie - a neighboring crew of cabin-campers said that there's been some sort of electric situation every year for the last three years.

Photos soon!


Lisa said...

No electric or bathrooms? WTF?

Happy to hear you made the best of it though :)

Sara said...

You are so much braver than I am! I'm a fair-weather camper. I hate being cold in the morning and struggling for coffee- it will wreck my entire day.

pigbook1 said...

I had a blast! I figure as long as there is as much laughter as we had it can't possibly be a bad thing :-)