Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fiber festival appearance

Things have been hectic 'round these bits, as I'm sure things are hectic 'round your bits. Life happens, etc.

This weekend is the Garden State Sheep Breeders Sheep and Fiber Festival and I'll be helping Brook of Twisted Fiber fame in her booth. Brook's featuring some of my fibers and handspun in exchange for me being her booth bitch. I'll definitely have some lovely handspun yarns and some blended batts, but the real draw is going to be these lovelies:

Creamy white alpaca

Tan alpaca

Milk chocolate alpaca

This alpaca came to me from a gentlewoman's farm in Delaware. The fleece has been sorted and the bulk of the VM has been removed. The fiber has not been cleaned, but, as a rule, alpaca doesn't need the same scouring that most wool fleeces need during fiber prep.

While I'm hoping to sell out of alpaca sometime mid-afternoon Saturday, I assure you that whatever doesn't go will be posted to Etsy sometime in the next week. I've been sitting on a huge Etsy update for months now - tons of hand-dyed yarns and rovings in addition to some handspun. Look for a preview sometime next week!

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Stitch Witch said...

Hope you had a good time!