Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A whack of WIPs

There's a little bit of project ADD going on in my life right now.

First, there's the bedroom closet.

closet tall

It's all done save for the trim (we're trying to match it to the rest of the house, which isn't easy since the house was built in the '20s) and inside customization. Actually, Mike's side is done save for one further piece. My side? I just have the clothes rod. We managed to install the closets themselves with very little difficulty (I KNOW! There's always some kind of difficulty! This time - very little!) and I'm already convinced that every other closet in the house needs to be Ikea-ified.

Next, there's a sweater vest. This is Fence from Knotions. I'm using stash yarn and making it longer than pattern calls for. I've got the back done and here it is blocking away:

fence vest back block

I cast on and started the front last night and am vowing that come finishing time, I will not rush through it all just to have a FO. A stitch in time and all that shit.

Then there's the revival of my quilting foray. After discovering that Little Miss Penelope and Her Wonky Head of Attacking had managed to pull some holes in our current quilt, coupled with the fact that we're in the middle of redecorating the bedroom, whether we planned that or not, I've decided I need a new quilt for our bed. I bought fabric:

fabric row chair overhead better

I'm going a little backwards about this and bought the fabric without having a pattern first. I think 8 yards of fabric will be enough, though for a queen sized quilt. If it's not, then OH DARN, I'll have to go back to Spool or Fabrics on the Hill and shop. Again. Ow, that's my arm you're not twisting...

Here're some closer shots of each of the 8 fabrics.

PandB textiles Clara
P&B Textiles, Clara 988E

jay mccarroll woodland wonderland
Jay McCarroll's Woodland Wonderland, JY10

kaffe fassett millefiore
Kaffe Fassett Millefiore

amy butler midwest modern hibiscus green
Amy Butler, Midwest Modern 2 Sky/Fresh Poppies

kaffe fassett paperweight
Kaffe Fasset, Paperweight

amy butler midwest modern motif
Amy Butler, Midwest Modern 2 Green/Park Fountains

fabric unmarked gray purple
Unknown print, but I like it!

RK potpourri 6753
Sandra Banava for Robert Kaufman, Potpourri Blue

Click through on those fabric shots to get up close and personal.

The fiber I posted about previously - the organic merino from Spunky Eclectic - is spinning finely - 40-60 WPI, with most of the singles being 50 WPI. I'm nearly through the first 2 oz of the merino and am looking forward to seeing how the BFL spins! I really, truly can't wait to move this one to the FO column. While I love spinning and I really, truly love spinning for this particular project (which, by the way, is called "The Project in Which I Spin A Super Thin Yarn"), spinning 2 oz this thin is taking FOREVER. And then I'm going to do the same with the BFL. I must be crazy ... or crafty!

twilight bobbin 2

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Lara said...

(1) Those fabrics make me want to learn to sew.
(2) Spinning! I know NOTHING about it and am so curious to learn why people love it so much.
(3) Yay, cats! (actually, that should have been a comment on your previous post).