Sunday, February 01, 2009

Separated at birth

This is a tale of two fibers, dyed in different batches, in different parts of the country, by different people.

org mer fotm 3
Twilight, an organic merino, dyed by Amy of Spunky Eclectic for the Fiber of the Month club.

This is BFL, dyed by Brook.

The two dyers would be able to tell the two dye jobs apart, and most avid spinners would know that the two offerings are not identical twins. But, even so, I find it to be some sort of sign that my two favorite local dyers (and despite the 10 hour drive between me and Maine, I do consider Amy to be local. Oh, wait. I consider her to be loco.... I kid.) have presented the same colorway on separate occasions.

bfl and fotm twined

I'm spinning the merino super fine (50+ wpi). I split the bump in half and did minimum pre-drafting. I'm using the highest ratio with the least amount of tension on Mr. Fricke and I'm treadling sloooooooow, focusing more on achieving a consistent yarn and not worrying about how long it takes to get through 2 oz. Which, by the way? Takes forever....

I'm going to split the BFL into 1 oz strips length-wise, theoretically varying the color repeat. Then, I'll spin it as close to 40+ wpi. I'll ply the two and end up with scads of what I'm imagining to be the most beautiful yarn ever. Of course, I may be biased.

I think I'll only be able to do this for a total of 4 oz - the remaining half of each bump may have to wait in the stash for some other project. Maybe I'll card the two together, either on the drum carder or the hand carders. Or, who knows? Maybe I'll keep spinning the fiber fine and end up with thousands of yards...


loopykd said...

Wow, I can't wait to see it when you are done. I may be as interested as you are. Good luck and hurry up!

Anonymous said...

Those look awesome twisted together! Can't wait to see it plied.