Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My fear of drowning

I don't think I've always had this fear, though recently I've started having nightmares in which I drown.

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Stitch Witch said...

Fear of drowning couldn't possibly be related to feeling overwhelmed by all the PIP's! (Projects in Progress.) Not to mention the stress of the economy, the job market, dot, dot , dot... I kind of like having PIP's in my closet rather than UFO's which could mean Ulgy Freaking Objects. Although I am sure we can create some equally disturbing phrases to go with PIP's. Or maybe rather than the feeling of drowning it would be more appropriate to dream of being buried under an avalanche of fibers and fabric.

Divide and conquer is one way to look at it OR keep them all going and in one week many months from now you can boast of finishing 6 things in one week and everyone will thing you are so very clever.

Sometimes a good old sort out and prioritizing can be just the answer or............just start something new to get those creative juices going. lol!