Thursday, January 15, 2009

Group FO

This FO wouldn't have happened without three people: Amy dyed, I spun, and Angela knit. The first two parts of the road to FO were detailed a bit here. Angela sent me photos of the FO and I'm just about KO'ed by how gorgeously perfect the yarn and the colors and the project ended up.

Scarf on fence

reds and browns

reds and blues


yellow and green

Ms. Smith and the scarf

I seriously want to make so much more of this yarn! It doesn't have to be the same exact colors or WPI, but the way I went about spinning this yarn in terms of finished hank goals is definitely something I'd want to do again.


Martha said...

Oow la la. Beautiful yarn!!

loopykd said...

Holy Holy Holy smokes that is absolutely gorgeous! Amazingly done on all three parts! You should all be very proud and happy!