Saturday, November 01, 2008

Every time I think of you

It's been emotion central these last few days in Sparks Land and Monday might be the best day yet. But, to bring you up to speed: my little Ghia, Miss Bertha, has come home with a valid inspection sticker and a clean bill of auto-health.

In case you're newer to the blog, Mike bought the car for me a couple of years ago (it just happened to be around my birthday). I think the plan had been for me just to drive a Ghia that year as my birthday present, but I'm rarely one to go only part of the way. One short drive under my belt and we were making the arrangements to make the car mine.

Of course, whenever you buy a used car you can expect to encounter some problems. Guess how much those problems increase when you purchase a car that was built in 1974 and is known for its rusting abilities? If you guessed A LOT, you are right! And, if you've been reading this blog for the last two years or so, you'll probably remember the first failed inspection, the disappointing estimates for body repair, and then the horrific year of a car that would pass inspection, if only we could get the thing to run.

Admitting defeat was hard - it meant not only acknowledging that we weren't able to RTFM (I'm sure there's a joke to be made out of the idea of an engineer and a librarian looking under the hood....), but also preparing for yet another handful of cash thrown at the car. While my mechanic is highly esteemed among VW owners, both classic and new, it was hard to finally decide to make that call to him and then the tow company, if not for any other reason than it meant we would have to push the damn car out of the garage and onto the street and somehow manage to park it legally-ish...

But all of that is now history. All of that is now just another chapter in my sweet car's long history, a history that includes incomplete carburetors, asshole body mechanics, and, at one point between the factory and today, eggplant metallic paint. All of that is history because after a week of speaking with Howard the Genius every other day, I was able to drive my car for the first time since March 2007 last night. And while I was nervous to be on the road in my car - unfamiliar after all this time, plus, you know, I WAS IN MY CAR AND IT WAS GOING! - I was, to some extent, complete. Having Little Bert pass inspection finally? Well, it's been a long time coming.

Since picking her up last night, I've driven the car a short 20 or so miles just around the neighborhood, picking up dinner last night, getting gas, and trying out driving with the top down. I have to tell you, it's fucking awesome. I don't have any new pictures (yet), but here's my favorite:

Ghia on the bridge

We're far from done with our little project - paint job, new top, seats... The list goes on, but now? Now we can really start checking things off!

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Jenny Girl said...

Oh yea! Congrats. The road to "recovery and restoration" will be difficult, but so worth it in the end.