Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goats go to hell

If nothing else, climbing on my second mountain has enabled me to discover something about myself: I do not like climbing mountains! I like hiking with mild elevation changes (say, 100-500 feet, spread over the length of the hike), I enjoy nature, and I really love spending time with Mike.

nor making lovers

We'd planned to climb Hunter Mountain, the second highest peak in the Catskills, via an old fire tower access road. But, we ended up taking the wrong trail. Twice.


Once we got on the right trail, we faced a fairly strenuous climb along a narrow, rocky, and leaf-covered trail.

narrow trail

I twisted both of my ankles at least twice each, Mike got bit by a snake (thank goodness for high-top boots!), and I pulled a gecko move when I laid flat on an overlook and hung the camera over the edge to snap a picture, scaring Mike more than I'd anticipated.

i like laying on a rock in the sun

And while we hiked the mountain via two wrong trails and never summited Hunter Mountain and spent 10 hours (including travel time to the trail head) away from flush toilets (not that I needed them because whatever I drank, I sweated out and whatever I ate, I burned up), I wouldn't say the hike was a complete waste.

final view from the wrong trail

sky through leaves

Mike, descending

red leaves in water, 2

All told, we hiked about 10 miles, had an ascent of about 1500 feet, and peaked just below 3700 feet. As we were leaving the trailhead, we passed the trail we'd intended to take, the signs nestled among the trees. And for whatever reason (let's call it pride), I vowed to return next year and climb the right damn trail. Of course, Mike didn't argue.

i haz a stick

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Jenny Girl said...

You two are certainly determined people. I would have said, "The heck with this". But the sceneray is certainly beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your weekend:)