Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still no photos!

My camera is resting after shooting 550+ shots for a wedding last weekend, which reminds me... I really need to sit down at some point this week/weekend and go through those shots. Anyway, that's my lame-o excuse for not having progress shots of my overdue Ravelympics knitting. Yeah, I didn't think you'd buy it either.

Here're the deets, though, on the sweater as is - the body is complete, the shoulders are seamed, the neckline is done. I'm weaving in ends (I needed something relatively mindless to do last night after a long day at work) before starting the sleeves. I thought if I focused, really FOCUSED, I'd get the sleeves done by this weekend... But, there's other stuff keeping me from my knitting.

First, the car? She might start tonight. Don't ask me what was wrong. It might have been the fuel pump. It might have been the spark plugs. It might have just been bitchy. After we get her started, the plan of attack is: re-insuring, re-registering, re-inspecting. Dear Ghia Gods: please let her pass. I can't afford much more in terms of repair costs. A paint job is necessary, but will have to wait until we have that kind of dough to spare.

Second, I'm test riding a motorcycle tonight. Pretty freakin' excited about that. It's a '76 Honda CB200T and aside from being Bright Orange, is perfect for what I need in a bike right now. We tried to get the '73 Honda CB350F to work for me, but I was just too short for that set up (and lowering the bike? Probably not a good idea. I really hate when people fuck with what works on vintage vehicles.). I've sat the '76 a couple of times, it's narrower and lower. If all goes according to plan, I'll be buying boots and a jacket this weekend. I'd love to take the Safety Course that PA offers, but my Saturdays are about to be jacked by work. I will have to settle for being taught by two motorcycle nuts - Mike and the Mighty Swede.

Cat update (for those that have asked): Chico has left the downstairs! It took MONTHS of waiting, but he's now back in the habit of coming to bed with us at some point in the night and as soon as the alarm clock sounds, getting all snuggly up in my face. Awww, Chico. The trick? Last Thursday, I carried his fat as up to bed when we retired and after an initial WTF on his part, he settled down and purred himself to sleep. SEE - HE'S NOT THAT MEAN. Penelope shows us her belly at least twice a day and continues to be one of the sweetest cats ever. In her brief time with us, she's earned a whole slate of nicknames: Piglet, Princess, Girl(ie) Cat, Slut, and Bad Girl. The two of them are co-existing and that's really all I ever asked for.

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Jenny Girl said...

Sounds like life is going pretty well in your neck if the woods.
That's awesome about the bike. Becareful and enjoy sweetie! Now go knit those sleeves :)