Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Speed bump

Dear Carol,

I really tried to spin last night in an effort to finish up the first shipment, clearing off the third bobbin (with some difficult since I don't have a kate for the Jensen and my Fricke kate doesn't work with the Jensen bobbins - OF COURSE):

spunky spun
Uncounted poof of a skein that came already spun on the bobbin thanks to Ms. Boogie.

I knew if I could get started on bobbin #3 last night, I'd be in good shape for the luscious yarn you're threatening promising for this next shipment. I fixed myself a tall, ice cold glass of water, lined up a ration of Swedish fish, and got my spinning outfit on (pajamas. DUH.). Just as I was ready to finally sit and spin for a couple of hours, I found myself facing an obstacle:

spinning obstacle
Miss Penelope is pooped out after sleeping and eating all day.

Now, I know what you might be thinking - why didn't I just move the wheel and spin from a different seat? Well.... I didn't think of that option until just now. So, instead, I booted the sleeping cat off of the couch and finished the second bobbin before starting the third:

two bobbins full of BBF
Two down, at least one to go!

Anyway, I promise to work hard and get this all spun up so that I can be ready and waiting for the next squishy package.

Spinningly yours,


loopykd said...

Those are some truly beautiful bobbins. Good luck with the spinning and kick the cat to the curb! (Just kidding)

Jenny Girl said...

These are really pretty bobbins.

purlewe said...

I will tell you a trick I have. long knitting needles and a plastic basket with holes (youi know those fake woven plastic bathroom baskets) I put the bobbin on the needle.. thread the needle on the basket and viola.. plying kate!