Sunday, August 24, 2008


While I failed to finish the Sweater Sprint event of the Ravelympics, I have gold medaled in spinning. 94 yards of delicious superwash merino in a heavy worsted weight 3-ply. It's soaking now, so pictures later.

Where I failed with the Sweater Sprint - I don't knit fast enough, I don't knit often enough, and I modified the pattern so much that I went from the recommended US8s to US4s. Part of that was yarn substitution, no doubt. If I weren't such a tight knitter, I'm afraid I would have been knitting miles and miles of stockinette on US3s.

I lied in my last post when I said there wasn't much other news to report in the land of Sparks - I'm going to Rhinebeck! It took some trickery and some convincing and the promise to do something "special" for him (namely, climb one of the Catskills). Rhinebeck's always tough for this household simply because it's our anniversary weekend. The last two years, Mike's been very wonderful about letting me go away with girlfriends for the weekend. I told him after last year that I'd not go this year and instead do something with him for our anniversary.

Except, as the chatter about RHINEBECK! grew louder, I found myself really wanting to be there. When my little sister announced she'd be making the trip down from Boston, I started brainstorming. While Mike is highly fiber-tolerant (this morning, he served as a human Kate), he initially refused even the idea of going anywhere near the fiber festival. Slowly, though, I brought him over to the dark side around. It took the wine and cheese barn, deep-fried artichokes, and promises of pie. And, it also took the prospect of hiking a portion of the AT or climbing Hunter Mountain. It may hardly seem like much, but I think this is the largest compromise we've ever had to make in our relationship. Something tells me he's going to find the festival to be so much better than he imagined. Also, I now anticipate spending more on food than fiber that day, but such is life with a human garbage disposal.

Are you going to Rhinebeck?

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loopykd said...

So what you are saying, is you missed Rhinebeck one year to get married? You know, if you had gone that year, this whole problem wouldn't exist.