Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FOR SALE (baby not included)

alex seekle 5

Mike's officially put his 1973 Honda CB350 up for sale. It's been a fun few years, complete with breakdowns and rebuilds a-plenty. Overall, the bike's not a bad little thing to tool around town with. The biggest reason we've hung a For Sale sign on it is Mike wants a 750. If you know of anyone interested in a vintage Japanese motorcycle, let me know - I can give them any information they might need or put them in touch with Mike.

More photos, if you're interested, are here.


Anonymous said...

Has Mike set a price for the Honda? Hubby has expressed an interest...


SparkCrafted said...

hey Gail - I didn't get your comment until today! Mike sold the bike last night. Tell your hubby not to worry, though - he might be selling a '79 Triumph Bonneville once he gets that running... :-)