Sunday, August 03, 2008

Blood, sweat, and gears

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back in the saddle!

It's been since December '07 since I've ridden my bike outside (the trainer counts, but then again it doesn't since I can't seem to force myself to use the trainer no matter how many carrots I dangle in front of me). Today, to celebrate and break in Mike's new bike, we took a quick ride on West River Drive. And I made it! I'm sweaty, there's grease on my shirt and on my leg (had to lube the chain, etc), and I've no doubt that I'll feel stiff tonight and tomorrow. But, shit, I'm back on the bike and that feels so freakin' wonderful!

I'm going to medicate, ice, and monitor my knee(s), but our plan is to take a couple of more rides over the next few weekends and then, by September, get back into bike-commuting 3-4 days a week.

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loopykd said...

Yeah! Did you feel like a kid?