Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm in the middle of plying up yards and yards and yards of some fiber and can't help but sit back and watch as the two strands ply together. The yarn itself is coming out just as I suspected, yet, it's coming out better. I have pictures trapped on my camera that I might get to tonight or tomorrow morning (fingers crossed).

Other news/updates:

* Miss Penelope has fully adjusted to the pampered life and Mr. Chico has stopped pooping on the kitchen floor. He still won't spend much time out of the kitchen, but he is creeping to the basement as necessary. So, that's progress.

* I'm getting my motorcycle license at some future point. I tried to convince Mike to fix up the Honda and let it be mine, but he is on the verge of hating that bike (see all previous mentions of the damn thing). I say it's a good bike, even if it does occasionally have hissy fits. Anyway, the bottom line is I don't fit on the '73 we have, but I do fit the '76 the Mighty Swede has. Guess I'll just have to wait until he's ready to sell it. Or, grow 2 inches.

* We're moving along with the house - the patches have been painted, the wall's repaired (ish), the gate's being made (new tools!). We still have to rewire the study and the kitchen, relocate the kitchen sink, and install a ceiling in the dining room. But, we're making progress, people! That's excellent.

* The Ghia's still sitting untouched since last year. Every weekend, I think about rolling her out and making a list of what we need to fix her. Sadly, I think we need one small thing and we just haven't gotten motivated enough to have that one small thing shipped from California. I really think I need to figure out if that's it, order what's needed, then schedule a week off from work to get her running, registered and inspected.

* My grandmother has been in and out of surgery and is currently recuperating in a nursing home. We're not clear on whether or not she will be released and allowed to go home or if she's going to require 24/7 care from now on. She's in mostly good spirits and I'm planning on visiting her Tuesday night (I've got the Swede's Soob while he and Homegirl are out of town).

Tonight's plan: gazpacho, Portuguese bean salad, sangria, and crafting - all with some of my closest friends. I cannot wait!


Jenny Girl said...

Hope you had a good time last night. Sorry to hear your Grandma is having a spot of bad health. Hope she is better soon!

Glad to hear that everything else is moving along nicely. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Try a Honda Rebel motorcycle on for size. I love mine, and I'm 5'4"

SparkCrafted said...

Thanks for the suggestion, anonymous commenter. :-) unfortunately, i'm barely 5'2". i'm sure that i will be able to find a bike eventually, though it's not an active search right now. for now, it's more of a "what happens, happens" kinda thing.