Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthdays and everydays: a photo post

drum carding
Mike bought me a drum carder for my birthday.

laura spins
Homegirl learns how to spindle spin.

voted most likely to succeed
Her rubbery street ears are now soft and silky.

bobbin fiber
On the left, STR silk/merino in "Loch Ness"; on the left Spunky Eclectic's FOTM for June, "Flowering Weeds"

bobbin str fotm
Pairing the two together - a perfect match.

hank o 572
572 yards, dunked, thwacked, and abused. More pictures if you click over to Flickr. I finished plying the rest of the 3 oz of "Flowering Weeds" and "Loch Ness" and eked out another 150 yards. Total yardage - 722. That's some mighty fine spinning I done did!!!

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