Thursday, May 01, 2008

3 margaritas and a screwdriver walk into a bar

I'm back from ME - but still in Mass. WOWWEE WOW WOW. Dear Amy King, I love you. The End.

Seriously. Merino cashmere blend. Spindles. Merino bamboo blend. Wrongly curved CVM label (think of what vowel a V most closely resembles....). WHEELS! I didn't buy one, but I totally know what everyone is saying now about the Julia. OMG. She's a lovely, lovely wheel.

We hit Kittery, ME, for outlet shopping (J Jill! New pajamas! - don't ask how the other set got ruined after one night of sleeping here.... ) before returning to my sister's apartment and now I'm making a list of what to buy at WEBS tomorrow.

I think we're all going to bed. Or, at least 2/3 of us are going to bed. I'm going to couch. I don't know if that is a step up from sleeping on the futon or not.....

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Amy Boogie said...

It was awesome to see you. I wish I was playing at WEbs with you guys today. Have fun and don't buy anything I wouldn't buy (which actually leaves it wide open)