Wednesday, May 21, 2008

13 weeks later...

... and we are officially a two-cat household.

penelope dining room

It's hard to get a good picture of Penelope because she's always moving. Also, because she's so tiny and light-footed, it's hard to know where she is until she's right up on you. That's not a problem for Mike or me, but it is a huge problem (still) for Chico... So, we put a pretty belled collar on Miss P. Now, every time the bell tinkles, Chico slinks away to hide.

Aside from the fact that the Little Girl wants to eat eat eat all the time, the only other problem we've experienced is, well, not really a problem so much as it is just typical cat behavior:

penelope laptop

It's been tough dealing with two cats, and we're still not 100% integrated - Chico continues to be thoroughly miffed that he has an intruder in his house. That intruder? She spent last night sleeping in-between us all night. For the most part, though, the fighting and attacking have stopped (also, the random "I'm scared shitless" literally has stopped. THAT'S good...). Penny recognizes Chico as top cat and the worst confrontations now involve him hissing at her and her tucking her tail down and backing away.

This weekend, we'll reclaim the study - that's where we've had Penelope set up the last few months. And once we've got the work on our bedroom completed (another few days!!!), we can make plans to update the electrical in the study. Progress, people! We have progress!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Big wheels keep on turning

I may have bought a new wheel.

Actually, there's no may about it - I DID buy a new wheel. And while I had been shopping for a new wheel, I wasn't shopping for this particular wheel....

Insert picture here

I'd show you a picture, but I don't have the wheel yet! It's still in Maine!!! And I've spent the last 8 days trying to figure out how to get it here. Relay from seller to sister to me? Maybe. Shipping? Maybe. Crazy road-trip? Maybe. Vacation? Maybe.

Unknown courier driving south? Maybe - I mean, are any of you willing to drive a portion or the entire journey from Maine to Philadelphia?

The ironical (as Martin would say) thing is, the wheel used to live in New Jersey prior to moving to Maine - that would have made acquisition easier. :-) Still, Maine's not that far away and I know that soon, I'll have the new-to-me wheel in my house. I mean, I kinda have to have it now - I've got a spot for it, picked out a name for it, and have spent countless hours *squeeing* in expectation.

In somewhat related news, the craft room is on the verge of being reclaimed as a... craft room! We spent the weekend painting the master bedroom and all that's preventing us from moving back in is the last coat on the trim and a good scrub of the floor. THEN, I can get back into the craft room and put up shelves and organize fiber and stash yarn and luxuriate in a room of my own.

Upcoming - Matchy Matchy in Real Life, the New Wheel, Kitty Kat Update, and Vacation - all good stuff!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

3 margaritas and a screwdriver walk into a bar

I'm back from ME - but still in Mass. WOWWEE WOW WOW. Dear Amy King, I love you. The End.

Seriously. Merino cashmere blend. Spindles. Merino bamboo blend. Wrongly curved CVM label (think of what vowel a V most closely resembles....). WHEELS! I didn't buy one, but I totally know what everyone is saying now about the Julia. OMG. She's a lovely, lovely wheel.

We hit Kittery, ME, for outlet shopping (J Jill! New pajamas! - don't ask how the other set got ruined after one night of sleeping here.... ) before returning to my sister's apartment and now I'm making a list of what to buy at WEBS tomorrow.

I think we're all going to bed. Or, at least 2/3 of us are going to bed. I'm going to couch. I don't know if that is a step up from sleeping on the futon or not.....