Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The power of the swatch

I think I might almost have learned my lesson this time. You know, the lesson about swatching and test-felting that swatch if the final object is supposed to be felted? Oh, and that little caveat that is mentioned in each pattern that calls for hot water, agitation, and soap? The one that says something like felting times vary depending on wool, washer, and moon phase? (I added the moon phase part). Fellow felters, take heed.

Handles and bag, felted

The before shots I took are trapped on Mike's camera. This is an after shot. I don't like the handles and feel that they are too long and too weak. I'm thinking about busting out with some grommets and recycling the straps to run lengthwise rather than along the sides.

Bag close-up

(Watch the caption on that one if you click through as it's NSFW)

Overall, I'm fairly happy with the yarn for this bag (I used Bartlett's Fisherman 2-ply). I was concerned that yarn would felt and yet retain some of its initial roughness. It felts up with almost a mohair effect, though. Of course, I have to shave the bag (oh, that sounds naughty) and trim any ends that I missed snipping pre-felting.

Prior to installing the grommets (and, by the way, I love grommets!), I'm going to make a lining for the bag. The upside of having it over-felt is I should have more than enough fabric to do a full lining. Lemons --> lemonade, right? I have tomorrow off, so I might spend some time with my sewing machine then. Hopefully, I can have the whole thing done within the next week so it can see some use before summer.

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Suzy Girl said...

I have a feeling my tote is going to be a bit of a learning experience as well. But then, I do enjoy my lemonade. I didn't swatch and felt either. I've never felted in fact.
Will be interested to see how the handle conversion turns out. And I love your lining fabric!