Monday, April 21, 2008

New addition

As we pulled up to Kirsten's on Friday night, she bounded down the steps and greeted us, asking how we were. I made some sort of stressed gesture, as if to indicate that riding on the back of the motorcycle stresses me. And as I was doing that, I thought, "But that's not true!"

I love riding on the back of the motorcycle. And, since Mike got the little Honda back up and running a few weeks ago, I've had ample opportunity to indulge. Riding back from West Philly on Friday night, I closed my eyes as we came up on Kelly Drive, nestling closer to Mike. Doing this makes the curves are non-existent and our bodies move together naturally. Twilight rides are different; they make me feel like I'm sneaking out, like a good girl gone bad.

Saturday afternoon, after taking care of some business in the morning, we took a ride out Rte 23 to Conshohocken. I couldn't help but look up in wonder at the wisps of clouds and the pristine sky. The heat from the bike, Mike's body, and the pavement is sweatless, endurable, pleasant. The smell of the bike as it idles, gasoline and oil, grime and grit, fresh sweat and leather, is nostalgically erotic and basic.

I waffle between wanting my own bike and being content with sitting bitch. Today, I feel rebellious and butch - there's something infinitely confidant about a woman on a bike. When we stopped by the Triumph dealer in Manayunk Saturday afternoon, my eyes were drawn to the T100. It's probably too large a bike for me, engine and size both, but it's a looker. I keep joking, with myself and my neighbor, that I'll buy his Honda CB200, which is smaller than Mike's Honda CB350. Then again, I don't know if I want to mess with another vehicle that's as old as me (or older). Nor do I know if I really want to learn how to shift a motorcycle - it just seems so complicated. I understand how it works (1st is one direction, the rest are another), but I don't know that I need to prove to myself that I can do it.

Now, if I were 2 or 3 inches taller, I'd be spending my spare weekends learning to ride the CB350 since we now have this:

1979 Triumph Bonneville Special

It doesn't run, but it will (*fingers crossed*). Mike's now the fourth owner, after the bike spent all of its previous years in the same family. It's fairly intact in terms of original parts and it should clean up rather well. I'm trying really really really hard to use this as my bargaining chip for elevating my house to a two-wheel house, but I think he's still too stunned to make sense of anything beyond the fact that he currently has TWO MOTORCYCLES....

what have i done


purlewe said...

stunned. perfect use of the word.

You would be bad ass if you did though.. and I would admire you even more.

Amy Boogie said...

um.....yeah. I think it's your turn for new wheels. I mean the bike has 2 each so he has 4 wheels, that means you have 3 to go :)

yeehaww bad ass woman, you ride that bike. You know you wanna. And it's wicked easy to remember the shifting once you get used to it.

loopykd said...

Wow, nice bikes! I wish we only had two. I plan on getting my motorcycle license this year sometime. Congrats!