Monday, April 14, 2008

All fiber, all the time

Subtitled, "I wish!"

Over the weekend, I finished up one spinning project and started another.

First up, the FOTM for March, Mud Season:

194 yards of sproingy, squishy Navajo-plied merino. Mike said it was my best yarn yet. He just wants me to stop bringing cats and yarn home. At the same time...

I was aiming for a sock-weight yarn, but that end result still eludes me. This is light worsted and feels like a hank of Cascade 220 and looks like Araucunia Ranco Multi. I could knit up some instant-gratification socks with it, or I could just sit back and admire the fine job I did for another few weeks...

Speaking of sitting back, guess what's back on the road?

Aw, yeah! The Little Honda That Could is running pretty well these days. Could this mean that the Ghia isn't too far behind?

After thwacking the merino, I got started on the next fiber endeavor:

I carefully split the roving by color - red for rage, blue for tears, and chocolate for CHOCOLATE--then split each color into pencil roving sections. The blue and the brown I left at its original length, the red I split in half. I then lined up the little corriedale muffins in an attempt to achieve some sort of pattern.

My hope is to spin a consistent 36 wpi single (so far, mostly so good), Navajo-ply it (clearly, I'm all about the Navajo plying lately), and have a randomly striping yarn. The colorway, incidentally, is called Time of the Month and was dyed by the Fiber Queen herself, Miss Amy Boogie. Word on the 'net is she's doing a special boy color next... I better get my spin on so I can get in on that fiber action!!!


Naomi T said...

That Mud Season is gorgeous.

Suzy Girl said...

Love your yarn!!