Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting felt up

One of my current WIP is the Celtic Tote from Winter 2007 IK. In terms of knitting and craft goals for '08, this one might not have made the written list. However, I've not really ever knit from a chart. By "not really", I mean, I've knit from a chart, but it's been very, very basic (think: knits and purls, nothing much else), and only after I translated the chart into written instructions. So. I've not really ever worked with a chart.

IK celtic bag cables

I'm more than halfway done--maybe as much as 60%. The back, sides, and bottom are complete and I've cast on for the front.

IK celtic bag

The yarn is Bartlett's Fisherman 2-ply. I picked it up on the way up to my sister's place last year in Sturbridge, Mass., I think it was the Quilting Cabbage? Anyway, I got the yarn, some fabric and bag pattern all at the same place and promptly left this yarn to hibernate in the stash. I can't even remember what the other bag pattern looks like... Maybe I am only imagining I bought the pattern--I can't find it in my room, though to be honest, the craft room? Right now, it's a bit of a mess.

I'm really enjoying the IK pattern. A couple of times, I've had to stop and think about the way the pattern was written, but I've mostly been able to plow right along with this project. I have run into a problem with the set of Addi circs I'm using--there seems to be a burr or something on the tip of one and it interferes with my knitting speed. I tried using my Denises instead, but the yarn works better with metal needles. Fickle, fickle fiber!

The yarn is definitely rustic and not for anti-VM. Every yard or so, there's some variety of VM, most of which I've pulled out. I think the yarn label mentions something about being spun from soft fleeces, but overall, I'd rate the yarn as best for outerwear or felted items.

IK celtic bag detail

The only modification I've made so far is I decided to end the cables on the body of the bag rather than let the cables travel up and along the handles. I felt (ha!) like that was a detail that might get lost in the process and like the idea of a contained motif.

The bag should be ready for the felt cycle in about a week--then I have to dust off the sewing machine and see if I can still wind a bobbin and sew a lining for the bag. I'll add pictures to the set on Flickr as I get them.

Other WIPs: Keyhole Cable Sock (one is nearly to the heel! Magic Loop and toe-up!), low-twist worsted weight singles in spinning, and cashmere meets Icelandic.

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