Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meet Penelope!

After months of watching this little girl cat roam the corner of my second bus-stop, I decided to take action. Even if all I could do was get her off the streets and into a foster home, I felt that doing so would be better than leaving her to beg for food and shiver in the cold.

penelope mew

I rescued her a couple of weeks ago (two weeks as of tomorrow) and after getting the all-clear from the vet (she's healthy, non-feral, and spayed), we began the integration process. I also realized that I had to take her in as my own kitty because, well, she picked me.

a closer sign

Chico showed some initial signs of acceptance by taking a serious sun-nap on the towel I'd used in the cat carrier for the new kitty.

penelope eat pose

Penelope has been almost nothing but the sweetest thing ever. She's nearly always purring, she's rolls on her back for belly rubs, she rubs her whole body on you if you sit still for a second, and she's 100% litter trained.

There's a few other shots here, and as the cats get better about living with each other, there will surely be some pictures that make you go "Awwwwww". Last week we focused on keeping Penelope in a room of her own while Chico was free to roam. This week, we've spent the evenings hosting supervised visits. I've learned that my big mean Chico (you know, the cat that hates everyone so much he's The Cat Most Likely To Destroy The World?) is, well, a pussy when it comes to dealing with Penelope. And Penelope, at less than 7 lbs, is a scrapper of a cat and will scratch you while she's purring.

I've been told that things are progressing well, so that's encouraging.

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