Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Year-end FOs

I've fallen out of the photo-taking habit. Actually, that's not altogether true. I take photos, I just leave them trapped on my camera because by the time I get home most nights, all I want to do is spin. Yup. I have a problem.

First FO to mention: 4-ply handspun hat. I used Spunky Eclectic's Fiber of the Month for October. I split the roving length-wise into 4 1-oz sections and then spun it to about heavy-fingering weight. I plied it and managed to preserve most of the color changes. The resulting yarn knit up nicely on US10 dpns. Here's a shot of the hat as it blocks on my alien head:

FO handspun goblin eyes 4ply hat 3

And here's a wistful shot:

FO handspun goblin eyes 4ply hat 1

The next FO is the Natalya Gauntlets by Jody (she recently redesigned her site and I can't find the pattern!!!). As much as I loved knitting this pattern, I loved working with the yarn more! I used Mission Falls Merino Superwash, and my stars, am I ever in love with that yarn now. It is the embodiment of smoosh.

FO Natalya Mission Falls superwash merino

The only modification I made was minor--I mirrored the cables so that they would twist complementary to each other. My favorite part of the pattern was the thumb gusset--for whatever reason, that detail just made me happier than happy. Neither of these details is readily evident given the sumptuous darkness of the yarn.

FO Natalya Mission Falls superwash merino 2

More later--I'm battling Flickr and the home PC to get all of my stash shots uploaded before week's end.


naomi said...

Yeah, Mission Falls is wonderfully smooshy. :)

Someone on Ravelry was complaining that those glass heads people use as hat models were creeping her out--I bet she'd really dislike the alien head. (Me, I like it.)

purlewe said...

I bet wistful alien head could get dates using that pic in his profile.

Love the mitts and the hat!! You are really chugging over there.

Sharon Rose said...

Way to crank out the FOs!

I tried to send you an invite to my birthday party but it bounced. Send me an email addy!