Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The next to last thing I need

I need Koigu. I need it bad. I've been playing with some Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock (the Vera colorway) but no patterns are really clicking with that yarn. Then, as I cast on and worked the ribbing for a fourth sock, I remembered Broadripple. I knit a pair of those using Koigu, though the colorway is lost (the label MIGHT be in my craft room. It might also be some other place, like, say, the garbage.) and the socks were a gift for a friend... So I suppose I could justify a pair of those for myself. And, if I can use up the two skeins of LL that I have, well, I should certainly permit myself to buy a couple skeins of KPPPM, right?

I'm currently tackling the Rainbow socks from MagKnits, using OnLine's Supersocke 6-ply Winter in colorway 887--that's a combination of cinnamon, earth brown, royal blue, grey, cream, and mustard yellow. I picked it up at Rosie's back in late July when Mom and I were killing time before going to the theatre. There was a ton of this yarn in the sale bin and never one to either leave a yarn store empty handed OR pass up at least an earnest glance through the sale bin, I asked Mom to pick out a skein and I'd make her socks. Figured now was as good a time as any to start THAT project. So far, I'm enjoying this pattern and think it's a really neat way to work with the self-patterning yarns. A little unpredictable--and the end result looks kind of hard. Plus--short rows? Who doesn't like short rows?

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