Wednesday, October 10, 2007

When nobody's watching

Most of the details have now been lost to consciousness, however, I had to share parts of my bizarre dream last night. The subject: Going to Rhinebeck.

For whatever reason, I was flying to Rhinebeck. The girls (faces mosaic'ed in my dream-world) and I were all packed and running down a hotel hallway to one of our 8 rooms (there were only, like, 5 of us, though). We got to the room and all jumped on the bed, sighing sighs of relief. Then, we each went around and shared our secret purchase that we were planning. One girl wanted to buy a pound of silk yarn. Another was looking for orifice hooks. I forget what I was looking for or what the rest of the dream girls were looking for, but at some point, we started to compile a list of all these secret must-haves. I don't know why these things were secret, they just were.

After writing lists for over 30 minutes, I began to get super-anxious--we were going to miss our flight. What time did our flight leave? How long would it take us to WALK to the airport (none of us drove, for some reason)? What about security? And checking bags? And what if we miss the flight? Could we get on another? I got so worked up in my dream that I actually woke up sweating!

I certainly hope I've not just had a vision!

In other Rhinebeck excitement--I have a sleeve. One. Sleeve. I cast on for the other this morning (on the bus, no less), so I should have TWO SLEEVES by... Friday night? We'll see. If I'm not caught up in a whirlwind of finishing this weekend and early next week, I will post about how much I dislike this pattern. Don't get me wrong--the sweater is turning out to be beautifully knit. The pattern? Borderline crap. You'll see.


Christy said...

I'm the only one of the four of us who doesn't drive so I think we're safe.

My youngest sister was at my house last night getting Chem help from Michelle. I was reading your blog, scrolling through the roving pics and she said "what is that?" She was so confused. I don't know what she thought it was but clearly she had never seen anything like it.

7 days!

purlewe said...

I know you will make it. You've got the powa! (haha) I just hope it is cool enough for you to wear it!!