Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let me count the ways

Sunset at the cottage
Where we stayed.

the way i roll
The way I roll.

alpaca models
And I do my little turn on the catwalk.

str silk merino roving
God damn you, Loch Ness Monster!

tussah baby camel
Baby camel. Tussah silk. If only my bed were stuffed with this stuff...

rhine fiber kingdom carders1
The big purchase. Already put into use...

rhodie llama caramel and golding 5oz
I *heart* Golding spindles.

Gorgeous weather!

More photos, including lots of foliage shots, are here.

I had such a great time at Rhinebeck this year! Part of that was hanging with good friends--thanks, Jody, for driving, thanks, Michelle, for cooking an amazing Saturday-night meal, and thanks, Christy, for knitting socks! There's much more to thank you three for, and I'll do that in my own way. I saw so many more people this year than last year--Anj, Ella, Amy Boogie, Sharon, Min, Min's friend (Rachel?), and more... I caught glimpses--I'm sure of it--of Vicki, Black Bunny Carol, the Harlot, and dozens of other bloggers and Ravelers, including Jim Bob Spins. Once again, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the festival as a whole--the fiber, the food, the friends. It's not a big secret that I've been struggling with some personal things lately, and Rhinebeck was just what I needed.

I stuck to my list and got nearly everything on it, save sock blockers. I even got a shawl pin from Moving Mud--that was a last minute purchase after a Ravelry-button-wearing fest-goer tipped me off--THANKS! I don't think I even saw Moving Mud the first 3 times I went through the barn they were in. The one thing I found myself wanting at the end of the trip, besides the iced coffee I was denied at a stop on 87 (what kind of coffee place in a rest stop runs out of coffee? Seriously.) was a Turkish spindle. I think I'll wait on that until Christmas or my next trip up to Maine. Or, if I get a really bad itchin' for one, I'll just call over to my girl Brook. It could be the plan!

The Anastasia sweater, for those asking, didn't get donned the entire weekend. Turns out I should have modifed the pattern--the arms need shaping. Not more shaping, but shaping period. Fortunately, the body fits great. The arms shouldn't be any big deal to frog and reknit, and I'm confident that I can do this by Christmas. For now, though, I've got spinning fiber up to my ears. This is really the good life.

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Jody said...

I completely love your fiber! The silk is completely gorgeous. I've been having so much spinning envy of late that I got out my wheel that isn't terribly easy to work with and spun for a while last night. Can't wait to see pics of the yarn you'll be making.