Friday, October 05, 2007

Heading for Venus and still we stand tall

It's the final countdown!

Knit-bloggers all over the place know I'm talking about RHINEBECK, the knitting and fiber event of the season, nay, the year. Two weeks from today, I will be comfily established in the cottage I'm sharing with my traveling companions. Lists will be compiled, reviewed, revised, and rewritten (neatness counts!), hand-knit socks will be worn, hand-knit sweaters will be keeping us warm while we soak in the Hudson Valley chill.


Hand-knit sweaters? *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech*

I know what I'm doing this long weekend--in addition to attending a funeral, helping a friend move, backing up files, and cleaning the house, I'll be spinningknitting the last sleeve and a half of my Rhinebeck sweater. If (and really, it's when) I get bored/tired/frustrated of knitting without adding inches (you all know there's a point in the project where you knit 10 rows and you feel like you've only knit a quarter of an inch. On US10s. With Cascade 220. Doubled.), I'll turn to blocking the front and back and go about seaming those two together.

Hey--anybody wanna come help me do some mock-steeking? That is, I'm cutting the excess of the back off after I seam... I DON'T WANT TO RUIN THE SWEATER BY CUTTING IT.

Oooh, and if I either manage my time well or get bored-er-er, I'll post photos of my pre-Rhinebeck fiber haul. It's a sickness, I tell you. And the only cure is MORE FIBER.

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