Friday, September 07, 2007

Over and over and over

I promise the next entry will contain knitting and/or spinning content--I have been doing a little bit of both these last few weeks, not that the recent-most posts would be any indication...

After I rebuilt the carburetor:

carb rebuild done

... we reinstalled the fuel assembly in the front of the car:

fuel tank reinstall

And then we installed the new fuel pump and the rebuilt carburetor:

fuel pump carb installed

Everything looked GREAT! Mike ran down to the gas station with our borrowed one-gallon tank (I believe one of our neighbors has *our* mini-tank...) and I set about giving Bert a bath. Washed, dried, waxed, and buffed, the car was gleaming and the recent body work was hard to see because of that shine. Ready to put in some gas, turn the key and go, we give her a gallon of the good stuff. I pump the pedal a few times--we'd blown out the line using another neighbor's handy-dandy air compressor--turn the key, and get nothing.

We checked the Bentley manual, the Muir book, and the crappy Haynes guide and double-checked the wires to make sure head bones and knee bones and etc. were in order. We special ordered spark plugs (they were in the next morning, score) and pulled the old plugs, hoping that of the Holy Trinity (gas, air, spark), we'd solved the problem.

Still no go.

Our friend Martin helped yesterday, head-scratching as he and I squatted at the back of the car and pondered the state of Bert. And while I'm absolutely convinced that I'm no where nearer to tooling around the 'hood, I am convinced that the ignition coil is bad (Martin, bless'em, checked for spark while I turned it over; it was weak the first time, and then non-existent the next two times. Sure sign of a coil on its way out, eh?). If nothing else, by the time we get this big ol' jalopy running, I'll either have replaced everything or at least touched and tweaked everything.

The point is, of course, I'm still having fun. I rebuilt my carburetor, bitches! Really? Really! I squeezed my hand in the engine compartment and blindly tightened the nut that holds the carburetor on the manifold! I spent the afternoon communing with this piece of history, learning more and more how to appreciate the simplicty and beauty of the air-cooled engine.

And, because there hasn't been enough pussy lately, here's how Chico spent the weekend:
exhausted chico

I think I might have to re-process all of these photos--for whatever reason, they seem to be exceptionally crappy. Or, maybe I've just gotten really spoiled with the dSLR....


Sharon Rose said...

Oh my GOD! Fiber, cars, AND cats?? And books of course. Why are we not already best friends?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

You are the coolest chick in the world.

---> jessieknits visiting from LJ-land