Monday, September 17, 2007

Gathered them all

I want to make this from some stuff I’ve been spinning (started out like this). For whatever reason, when I started spinning it, I thought I had closer to a pound of fiber. Turns out I’ve got 10 oz. Hmmmm. The pattern calls for at least 16 oz (I’d be making the size L-ish), so I need to either find a different yarn to use (HA! My mind is set on using handspun…) or have my crack cocaine dealer Brook dye me up 10 more ounces of the same stuff, ish, and then I’d even out any of the inconsistencies by plying the original batch with the new batch. Voila!

There’s been some knitting going on, though I seem to always put off taking photos of the WIP. This weekend, nearly every hour, I said to myself, “Self, charge that camera’s dying battery and get some pictures of that sweater in progress in this gorgeous natural light….” Or, “Self, charge that camera and take some pictures of that Lincoln wool you spun up to DK weight singles, a scratchy yet sumptuous 290+ yards.” Actually, I did take a photo of the plied bit of Lincoln—90 yards plied with mystery natural-colored wool/fiber. It has a nice look to it, preserving the long-stapled color changes and softening the roughness of the Lincoln. Still, I only see myself felting with this yarn, though it will surely be a beautiful felted bag or pillow or what-have-you.

The progress on Anastasia is good—the back and front are done. I repaired the back by ripping back to just under the armholes and reshaping the sweater to a size two down (still hard to believe that I thought the size 48 was a good idea, but in my defense, it would have probably fit…). I’m working on the sleeves now and have struggled with the design—do I knit the sleeves as written (3/4) or do I attempt full sleeves? My first attempt at full sleeves left me with a cuff too wide. Initially, I didn’t want to end up with sleeves that have too many discrepancies from the pattern. So, depending on the number of increases I’d do from cuff to elbow, I feared that the modified sleeve would end up looking if not hideous, then, at least badly hand knit. I was prepared to make attempt 3 on the bus ride in this morning (late and 35 cents short of a transfer, but bless the little old lady that gave me the coins. Karma, right?), then I remembered my original intent with this sweater—to knit something exactly to pattern. So, there’s my decision, made for me by the pattern. That’s something of a creative relief.

Pictures soon (it’s all relative) of the Lincoln wool, the merino singles, Anastasia, and the photos for the entry that will be titled “Baby Done a Bad Bad Thing”.

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Sharon Rose said...

Ooo! Nice sweater - I just added it to my queue. :)