Monday, September 24, 2007


A mess of photos!

lincoln spun 3

Spunky Eclectic's Fiber of the Month Club: Lincoln wool, an insanely long staple (8-12 inches!), dyed in the sunrise/sunset hazy colors of late summer/early autumn--Harvest Haze.

This wool was a lot of fun to spin--the long staple let me play with the weight of the final single plus it made for a really strong yarn. A friend gave me her 4 oz (she's not a fan of pastels AND she loves me), so I'll have 8oz total, once I get around to spinning the other batch up. I'm thinking, given that this wool is really not a wearable-wool (unless you're like Sasquatch or something, and then--why are you wearing wool? You're Sasquatch, for crying out loud!), it'll make for a neat felted bag. I have the option to ply it with this unknown natural wool I have, which might temper the pastels some, allowing for a more tweed-y look in the end.

lincoln plied 1

That's 90 yards of the Lincoln plied with the unknown natural. I think I screwed it up, though, because the ply isn't really all that nice. I think I spun the unnatural single counter-clockwise in a fit of spinner's rebellion. Or, stupidity.

I got some fiber from Brook, as mentioned in the last post. Here's what I've done with that so far:
fiber tableau
That's a 534 yd. hank with the twist set (tied with orange), 414 yards on the niddy noddy, and about 3.25 oz left to spin.

I love spinning the merino! And the larger hank that's already set is so soft--every time I walk by wherever it's currently sitting (right now, the ottoman in the living room; but it's been in the bathroom, in the dining room, in the bedroom, the kitchen, outside, and in the yarn room), I have to pet it. I can't wait to spin up the remaining 3.25 oz, but I really should...

Because I've got a Rhinebeck sweater to finish! I've really been able to take my time on this project--hell, the back was largely done already. All I had to do was rip back to the armholes and reknit to the smaller size:

anastasia back repair

The two inch step to the left is where I ripped back to the new armhole measurement and then bound off the excess. After I seam the sweater, I'll machine-sew just outside the seam--in the selvedge--to secure the soon-to-be loose ends, and then snip, snip, snip.

As mentioned in a recent post, I'm on Sleeve Island--the front and back of Anastasia are complete!!!

Anastasia front and back done

Here's the front on the back, unseamed but held together with stitch markers at the shoulders. The carefully sighted among you will note the two inches of excess of excess back on either side of the edges of the front.

I started the first sleeve last night while watching the 1956 original, Invasion of the Body Snatchers on The Mighty Swede's Big Screen.

Mom and I went to Ikea over the weekend--she's redoing the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, I'm always happy to help shop. Halfway through the various showrooms upstairs, Mom finally turned to me and said, in response to my 1,000th cry of "YARN!", "Not every drawer and bin and receptacle is meant for yarn storage!!!" I don't know--I beg to differ.

For instance, take my overflowing basket of handspun (it also includes some hand-dyed):
basket o' handspun

I either need to start using up all this handspun yarn OR I need a bigger basket. Which of the two do you think is a more realistic event? Exactly--I'll need to go back to Ikea to reinvestigate all of the storage options I saw while browsing the showrooms.

It's a short week for me--I'm off to Hershey with Mom and sister (she's flying down from Mass). Convention might not be what it used to be, but that's ok--we've got the Spa, chocolate martinis, and PLANS.


Megan said...

anastasia = STUNNING. i can't wait to see it finished!

purlewe said...

wow. everything looks so great. the basket of yarn.. the awesome sweater!!!

I can totally see a blanket of your handspun in your future.

Sharon Rose said...

Sparkcrafted, you're goin' to drive me to drinkin', if you don't stop spinnin' that... hot... rod... Lincoln!

Amy Boogie said...

Your sweater is gorgeous!

I agree, bigger baskets are always necessary.