Monday, August 13, 2007

Was sie wünschen

With a week or so to digest the State of Bert, I'm less angry now and more optimistic. Pleasantly challenged, you might say. Mike and I spent Sunday siphoning the tank and removing it, taking off the carburetor, and removing the fuel pump. Of course, I took photos*.

Passenger side repair

Here's the Ghia, freshly rolled** out from the garage yesterday afternoon.

Driver's side full shot

The repairs on the driver's side, with a view of the engine compartment, too.

Rust in the neck

The fuel tank's neck. You can't really tell here (and I don't know that you can tell in the original size, either), but there is a significant amount of rust in the neck.


We read the manual...

Removing the tank

...and pulled out the tank. There clearly was something fouling the gas. So, now we're going to clean and coat the inside of the tank before re-installing it.

34 PICT 3

We pulled the carburetor off. It looked fairly clean on first inspection, but we're going to give it a cleaning anyway. If the second fuel filter (the one that is visible in the engine compartment; the first fuel filter was inline right off of the gas tank) really was a puddingly fouled as Carl said, then chances are the carbs got some junk while in the trunk, too.

Ghia in the garage

Then, we rolled her back in for the night.

(The complete set--all 63 images--can be found here.)

So, we've got a shopping list: sending unit (the one we pulled out was rusty), carb kit, boot (the one I have is kind of coming apart), Rodine 50 (to clean out the tank), fuel pump (less than $20, so, c'mon). Martin made a good point (he rolled up as we were wrapping up)--it ran fine to get it there, so it's not necessarily the engine or something more in-depth. And, since we found lots of floaties in the gas, it's obvious the fuel was contaminated. Whether that's Carl's fault or ours, I'm not going to worry about at this point. Because. Well, because fuck that shit, yo. Martin, the Wise Ol' Swede, also pointed out that most fuel lines are made of stainless steel, so that shouldn't be rusty. Which, I might add, is good news because holy petrol, replacing the fuel line would be a major pain in the ass.

I'm pretty excited to be working on her after spending much of the last year worrying that she'd never be road-worthy. And even though we had to roll her out of the garage, that didn't stop the neighbors and passers-by from rubbernecking. I believe I promised rides to at least a half-dozen people yesterday, so I hope I can deliver on that in a few weeks...

As for the paint job she's sporting now... I was originally going to paint the car the stock blue it was in June 1974. But, I don't know, now. I've got about a year or so to mull it over, and then next year's big money will be spent on painting. I know that I don't want red... I'm just not a fan of red cars. And, I don't want to redo the interior, though it would be fairly easy and it's not something I'm going to rule out for a future project. That said, I don't want a dark interior (black seats in a convertible? Yeah. Not cool. Literally.), so if I redo the interior, it would be cream or white or beige. Because, let's admit it, the interior is not exactly where it's at anyway, you know?

* I'm finding that as I go about working on the car, there's not a lot of photographic assistance on the Internet. The forums have been helpful in a textual sense, but sometimes I look at the engine, look at the manual, and still have to ask, "What the hell is that thingie that comes off of the thingie?" So, I'm trying to document the stages and steps we take and the oddities that we encounter so that maybe somewhere some other Ghia-enthusiast will Google the "thingie that comes off of the thingie" and find satisfaction here.

** Do not get me started on how pissed I was that when we took the car to the garage on April 29, it was DRIVEN there. BUT, when the time came to bring the car home, it wouldn't start. How the hell body work impacted the engine, I don't want to know. I mean, Carl gave us scenarios (including one that might be classified as insurance fraud), but that's not the point. I fully expected to drive my car home, especially when I think about the amount of money we paid to have the body work done... I cannot think rationally on this yet.


jody said...

well, she sure is looking a lot prettier. it's a big commitment, and you're making your way there bit by bit. it'll all be worth it when the breeze blows through your hair as you drive by and everyone stares :)

Stitch Witch said...

Anything worth having is worth working for. Long live The Bert!