Monday, August 06, 2007

Rhinebeck countdown

Let's not fool each other--the Rhinebeck countdown really began the day we left the fairgrounds last year, the wool and the roving piled high in the back of the rental. But, to seem sane, let's just pretend it's just now beginning.

The list of things I might want to buy (read: IF I DON'T HAVE IT BY FRIDAY NIGHT, I WILL THROW A HISSY) is short and is definitely fiber/spinning focused. In fact, there's no yarn on my list at all! Considering that the only festival yarn I've used in the last year is Great Adirondack's Soxie (Jaywalkers!!!), I'd say I'm not exactly hurting for more yarn. Of course, that's the wrong way to go about Rhinebeck, so just because yarn is absent from the list does not mean it will be absent from my haul.

Moving on...

I'd like to get a new spindle. Something lightweight, ideal for super-fine spinning. Bosworth? Golding? Both?

I'm interested in finding exotic rovings--a little cashmere, a little camel, a little llama, a little yak. An ounce or so will do, just to have the tactile experience of these luxe yarns.

I'm also going to be looking for interesting blends and/or calling-my-name dye jobs.

Having just used Anj's hand carders yesterday, I'm confident in adding a set of hand carders to my list of Rhinebeck Must-haves.

Finally, I'd like to find a shawl pin. This is low on my list, but I'm hopeful that while browsing the stalls, something shiny will spark my subconscious.

ETA: Sock blockers, WPI tool (I know, I could use a needle, or something, a ruler, but I want to consider something fluffy like this), and one other thing I thought of last night on my way home...

Now, the list of vendors I'd like to see... That's a bit longer than the shopping list.

A Touch of Twist
Liberty Ridge
Barefoot Spinner
Barneswallow Farm
Golding Ring Spindles
Dashing Star Farm
Done Roving Farm and Carding
Sheep Thrills
Shepherd's Rest at Autumn House
Sheep Frills
Fessler Spinning and Weaving
Spirit Trail
Decadent Fibers
Grafton Fibers
Hampden Hills
Wheel Thing

That's just the list to start--I'm sure the vendor list will grow. To be honest, though, I don't know why I even made a vendor list--I will purposefully stop at each and every stall at least twice. That is how I roll.

Next up: the Ghia comes home, I've been spinning LOTS, and the EF House Tour '08.

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