Thursday, August 02, 2007

Process of recollection

Mom came up last Saturday and we went to see Wicked, as planned. I wore The Sweater, and was generally ecstatic about wearing something I knit and properly finished. Then, the bottom edge started to curl up--and it just wouldn't stop! I'm thinking I need to pick up and knit a row or so of garter or maybe seed stitch along the bottom edge... Though, the sleeves (knit in the same pattern as the bottom hem) have not curled a bit. That must be because there's less width? I don't know.

I've been spinning like mad. So mad, in fact, that last night Mike said to me, "I think you have a problem." And like any true addict, I said, "NO, I THINK YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I WORKED ALL DAY. LET ME HAVE MY SPINNING TIME, DAMN IT!!!!" Conversation killed.

Anyway, I spun up some of the BFL I dyed at Dye Day, and I plied it with Spunky's FOTM Tulips. The two singles separate looked like cats and dogs, but once plied, it was as if they were a natural and forever match. I wasn't happy with the dye job I did--the colors came out much more muted than I anticipated. In fact, the singles of the dye-your-own come out almost brown. But, that almost brown is enough to tone down the RED in Tulips. And, the result is awesomeness. I've spun all 4oz of Tulips, about an ounce or so of the dye-your-own, and am left with LOTS of Tulips left. So, I guess next up for Mr. Fricke is more of the dye-your-own. Then, pictures. Maybe. :-P

Soon, as in tomorrow, my little Ghia comes home. I have a whole post brewing about that ordeal. It will not be pleasant. You've been warned.

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purlewe said...

crochet the edge of the wicked bottom? I am surprised it curled. It is truly beautiful.

I can't wait to see your yarn.

I dread the ghia conversation.