Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Like a kitten with a ball of yarn

I've been stashing a lot over on Ravelry. I'm up to 56 entries and I feel both under- and over-whelmed. I feel like I don't have enough (greedy, much), but mostly because it's all yarn that I'm so familiar with (except for one thing that I'm manually importing from my Excel file--I am still trying to figure out what one of my stash yarns is because the notes in my file make no sense to me...). But, I also was reminded, as I stashed the yarn, that almost all of the stash has a project associated with it. Sugar 'n' Cream? Sonnet. Jo Sharp DK Wool? Scoop du Jour cardi. I'm struck by the amount of sock yarn I have, but I'm also somewhat disappointed that I don't have more (again, see comment above regarding greed).

What I haven't stashed yet is the handspun yarn, and my oh my, am I ever amassing a stash of that. Here're some shots of what I've been spinning just lately. As always, click on the photo to get a bigger image.


Spunky Eclectic's FOTM in Tulips. Yummy, yummy, tulips.


I'm still working on spinning thinner singles, but I'm getting better at it. All along, I intended the Tulips to be paired with something else and I wanted the final yarn to remain at a lighter gauge than worsted.

monica's ghia

So, at Dye Day last month, I did up something in a red-orange and black (it came out light mandarin and gray), spun that up thin, and then plied the two for a completely custom look. I'm calling it Monica's Ghia because it was her car that inspired me (her '71 Karmann Ghia is Tangerine with a black top).

tulips navajo

With what I had leftover of the Tulips after plying, I tried Navajo plying once again. This time I kept things slower and much more steady and I ended up with perfectly plied (that is, no doo-doo spots) yarn.

bflbunny spindle1

At the August Stitch 'n' Bitch, I learned how to use hand carders and blended BFL with Winston, creamy, yummy, bunny.


With the angora I had left over, I played with one of Anj's spindles and drop spindled a good ounce of bunny into lovely, sumptuous, Oh. My. God. singles.

celebrations navajo

Before I perfectly plied the Tulips, I imperfectly plied Celebrations, another FOTM offering. This is Shetland wool and it's wonderful to work with. I drafted it by color section to preserve the color changes a bit better when it came to plying. I knew before the package even arrived that I'd be Navajo plying this bit, if for no other reason than to get more practice in.

sleeping beastie3

And because I can't resist. He looks so harmless and sweet when he's asleep...

I'm looking to get some blog recommendations. Any one you'd like to recommend? It doesn't have to be yarn or fiber-ish...


naomi said...

He *does* look harmless and adorable.

I've got a bunch of knitblogs I like in the sidebar of my knitblog. If you want other recommendations (locavore blogs, for example), talk to me at fiber night.

Megan said...

i like suburban bliss and notes from the trenches. they're both parenting blogs, and remind me of how happy i am that other people are raising children and not me (so far... and maybe longer? who knows? goodness knows we can't "leave it to nature" or anything... okay, tmi much, megan?)

i also like BitchPhD (although she's not been blogging much this summer), lesbian dad, house in progress, lifehacker, ikea hacker, and shelteriffic.

no linkies because i'm lazy and pmsing like it's no one's business. >:|

Donna B said...

I just love the colors in your Monica's Ghia yarn. What a difference plying the Tulips with your hand dyed makes!