Friday, July 20, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard!

Motivation is a fickle bitch, coming when you least expect her. She visited me shortly after I lamented that I'd lost all motivation to finish Wicked. That was.... two weeks ago, maybe?

extreme close-up seaming party
I had a seaming party...

wicked blocking
And a block(ing) party.

And then I had a fashion party... Now, before we get to those shots, let me explain why these are all of sweaters and skirts on hangers: I've got poison ivy. Ladies, it's been so bad (two weeks) that I've not been able to shave my legs! People, I've been wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants during the let's-pretend-PHL-isn't-really-hotandhumid-but-it-is days we've had here. I've tried remedies a-plenty--Benadryl spray, Benadryl lotion, Calamine lotion, Caladryl clear, rubbing alcohol (the immediate burn was somewhat soothing), sea salt scrub (again, the BURN felt good), Tecnu scrub, clear nail polish, and everything EXCEPT Zantel. You know, the $40 remedy? Even though it came highly recommended and even though I was thoroughly cautioned about its prohibitive price, when I was standing in Rite Aid and faced with the choice, I opted for Benadryl spray and some Haagen Daaz. WHO ELSE AGREES WITH THAT LOGIC???

bachelor number 1
This skirt was the reason for the yarn purchase. You've all seen it up here before, you've all probably thought the two were made for each other. I once thought the same.... Then, saw this:

bachelor number 2
...and I thought, oh, what a night! Er, uh... Actually, I thought it was a better match, a dark horse, an unlikely champion. Just enough green of the same shade without overpowering the naked eye with 500 shades of green. Yeah. I'm asking your opinion on the two so far, but you know I've already made my decision.

bachelor number 3
Which leaves me with #3. My favorite black pants (more details when you click the photo). If the steroids don't work their magic (yes, I'm on 'roids. I went to the doctor yesterday after developing joint pain, headaches, and a sore throat on top of my persistent poison ivy), I'm opting for this combination--the only thing worse than unshaven legs is spotty, oozy, flaking, itchy legs.

For the full Wicked set, click here.

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