Monday, July 16, 2007

To begin or to finish...

A few years ago, I started a cabled sweater. I plowed through the back, and psyched myself up for the front just in time to hit a knitting rut. I've stash-inized (that's organized the stash) a few times since stopping on this sweater, each time carefully unfolding and then re-folding the back piece.

I was ready to pick it up and finish it about a year ago, but quickly realized that the size I'd been knitting was no longer the size I needed. My friend Anj had some suggestions for saving the work I'd done on the back (rather than, you know, frog the whole thing...).

  • Dunk and block the finished piece to see what happens. Do the stitches shrink a bit? Does the wool bloom? Does the weight of the fabric distort the section to a point beyond return?
  • Knit the front piece a few stitches smaller (or, even, a whole size smaller), then piece the smaller front with the slightly larger back).
  • Steek it!

All I know is I'm itching for a finished sweater! I know, it's the triple H's here in the PHL. Why oh why might I want to knit myself a sweater? Well.... Because I finished a sweater. Wicked is DONE. Blocked. Almost perfect! I really, really, really will have pictures (tomorrow night? Maybe?), though for now, there's (regular readers will note that the only new information on Wicked is that it's done and there were mods...).

That's the finish option. The other sweater I've got rolling around in my head is one that uses up the 10 or so skeins I have of Cascade Pastaza... I've had the Pastaza in the stash for about a year now--I went a little crazy when Craig at Loop stopped carrying it and put his stock on sale. I bought one of each available color: blues, greens, reds, pinks... Just enough that altogether, it would make a lovely sweater. The color combination, however, made it difficult to envision. Difficult, that is, until last week, when I dreamt (yes, I dream of yarn and knitting. Don't you?) of a chevron cardigan.

So, the question is: do I stay the course and work on a somewhat-existing sweater, or do I explore uncharted sweat-itory (that's sweater territory)? The answer is obvious--BOTH! So, it sounds like I've got some blocking, swatching, and calculating to do this week...

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