Friday, July 20, 2007

Spin me right round

Some time ago (before June 30th, at least), I finished spinning and plying the Tussah I bought back in late April (the observant among you will remember this is also when I got my wheel. COINCIDENCE? Unlikely.).

Here are some shots of the finished yarn:


I blogged about this back in May, as well. This shot is probably about halfway through the 8 ounces.

silk purple mountains majesty

And here it is, all done! Click the picture and you can find a much larger shot. Total yardage: just over 300. Weight: worsted or less. Intended project: a lacy scarf of my own design, probably on 8s or 9s.


Just a reminder of what we started with.

Thoughts on spinning with silk: I LOVE it. You can go really, really thin. Hindsight--I'd've waited to spin this up until I had a few more weeks or even months of practice on the new wheel. I've really gotten much better at spinning fine yarns--at least, inconsistently. But, more on that in an upcoming post. I like the toughness of silk--I could really manhandle the draw and not risk breakage. The colors are perfect for me--I only wish I had MORE MORE MORE of this to spin.

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Necia said...

I Love it ! Btw, found you via Ravelry.